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About Bakus
Bakus African Restaurant is a concept that transports Nigerian home cooking to America. Southern Nigerian cuisine is a combination of traditional foods (gluten, lactose and dessert free diet) and colonial foods (sweet and savory pastries) influences. At Bakus restaurant we specialize in authentic traditional cuisine. Our food is handcrafted from scratch with fresh and natural ingredients, we do not use artificial ingredients (MSG), butter and sugar.
All our dishes are flavorful and spiced according to our customers preferences from mild to super spicy. Baku’s Restaurant embraces Nigerian lifestyle. The menu is designed to reflect ethnic, cultural, political and social themes. The open kitchen at the restaurant offers diners a view of the chef and her staff at work. The restaurant decor is a combination of a tropical themed mural and colorful painted walls. The atmosphere is cozy and welcoming with African music in the background.
Bakus good reputation due to our focus on good quality product, generous food portions, moderate pricing and friendly attitude continue to draw diners from near and far. We have a lot of repeat customers and some of our patrons have been coming since we opened in 2005. So when you are in the mood of good food, come to Bakus, bring your family and friends too.
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