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Chef Biography
My name is Chichi Pat Ononibaku. I grew up in a large household in Nigeria and I migrated to United States in 1983. I have a master’s degree and background in foods and nutrition. I am a mother of five children, a wife, an entrepreneur, an educational advocate, a former teacher, foster parent, and Human service administrator. I developed interest in cooking by watching my mother, aunts and grandmother prepare elaborate delicious meals effortless and without recipes. As a chef owner of Bakus restaurant, I prepare the same colorful, nutritious and delicious authentic foods passed on to me by my family.
I cook from scratch with natural and fresh ingredients, no artificial flavoring (MSG) and coloring. I put a lot of care and love when I cook. I treat our customers as part of my family which chefs from big restaurants do not have time for. In Nigeria, food is associated with love, sharing, joy, trust, rituals, traditions, celebrations, friendship. Therefore the inspiration for the restaurant menu is influenced by my happy childhood memories. The menu also reflects some of my children favorite foods and beverages.
My philosophy about Bakus restaurant is to fill a niche market in an already crowded restaurant industry. I also feel strongly about community involvement, and I give back to the local community which has enabled me to raise my children in a safe environment with great public school system. I donate foods privately to low income working families who would not seek help at the community food pantries. I also donate money to some non-profit groups additionally I volunteer my time to some non-profit organizations. More importantly I want to promote a positive image of African culture in America where African culture is often unappreciated. I feel that food is one of the best ways to experience a new culture. I invite you to come and experience Nigerian delicious cuisine at the restaurant or you can purchase Bakus signature curry tomato sauce (“Nigerian stew”) and add to your rice, beans, meat and seafood dishes.











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